Top 5 Mexican Foods To Try In Azusa, CA

Are you looking for top Mexican food in Azusa, CA? If you’re also a fan of Mexican cuisine, you’re in luck: this area is home to some of Southern California’s best Mexican restaurants, each of which is known for authentic and delicious Mexican staples 

We recommend trying these five Mexican foods the next time you’re searching for the top food in Azusa, CA.

1) Carne Asadas

Who doesn’t love grilled beef that’s been marinated to perfection? The meat soaks up the flavor for up to eight hours, making it juicy and tender. Served on its own or in tacos and burritos, this charred classic is a great addition to any palate. 

2) Pollo

Roast or grill chicken breasts and set them over rice. Add any seasonings of your choice for that extra flavor you crave. Smother the chicken in queso, toss in some tomatoes, and you’ve got one of the top foods in Azusa, CA.

3) Al Pastor

Inspired by the Lebanese style of spit-roasting meat, Tacos Al Pastor is made best by using a vertical skewer to baste the meat while it crisps. The same method is used for shawarma, although Al Pastor uses pork rather than lamb. The slow roast creates a mouth-watering taste that pairs well with pineapple and onion.

4) Chorizo

Ready for a little more heat? Spicy burritos made with Mexican sausage are the perfect way to start your morning with a kick! Throw in some egg and sour cream for a little breakfast zest. You won’t regret it.

5) Cabeza

Though difficult to find a whole beef head, the beef cheek is just as tasty and can be found more easily. Tender, shredded beef paired with chicken, cumin, and garlic is sure to make your hunger fulfilled! 


Searching for the Top Food in Azusa, CA?

 Look no further than these delectable Mexican dishes that are sure to satisfy your Marketingly appetite. With so many options to choose from, we guarantee you’ll keep coming back for seconds.

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