Tacos Gavilan Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter Is Here

Tacos Gavilan Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter

Family, friends, football and a Tacos Gavilan Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter all go together. Tacos for Thanksgiving? That’s right, there are many occasions during the Thanksgiving holiday week when Tacos Gavilan Fiesta Platters are the perfect choice. 

No time to cook? With same-day pickup by Tacos Gavilan, Fiesta Platters are a quick, easy, affordable solution to feed hungry guests. Tacos Gavilan Fiesta Platters are family-style servings of all the fixings to create authentic homestyle tacos. Tortillas, meats, veggies, salsas and traditional aguas frescas are all included in a Tacos Gavilan Fiesta Platter for Thanksgiving weekend. These authentic Fiesta Platters can be ready within an hour at any one of the 14 Taco Gavilan locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Area for 15-40+ guests, starting at ONLY $149.99. For groups larger than 40 people, contact your nearest local Tacos Gavilan location manager for a customized quote and Fiesta Platter sizes. 

Fiesta Platters Before, During and After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Wednesday Lunch or Dinner

In the days before Thanksgiving the host’s kitchen is a preparation zone for the holiday festivities. A full refrigerator, busy oven and stove, stocked bread drawers and cabinets along with hours of pre-Thanksgiving preparation time that lies ahead. For the family that is playing host this Thanksgiving, make Wednesday easy. Order a quick delicious, filling Tacos Gavilan Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter. Complete with everything you need to feed the family and more, the all-inclusive taco feast is your answer to a happy family gathering at a low cost. 

Not only does the Tacos Gavilan’s Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter offer a nutritious, and affordable buffet that everyone can love, it provides an easy clean up that won’t add to the Thanksgiving chores. Based on the family style taco night at your madre or abuelita’s kitchen, this buffet style meal is all-inclusive, from tortillas to drinks. Serving from 15-40 people, the Fiesta Platter can is the answer to pre-Thanksgiving appetites.

Thanksgiving Thursday Pre-Game or Post-Game

When guests arrive early and the serving time of the Thanksgiving feast is hours away, take the pressure off preparing more food. Let Tacos Gavilan take the heat. The Tacos Gavilan Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter is a family friendly, buffet style takeout that will feed 15-40 guests. This family style taco party is perfect for pre-turkey munching when dinner is hours away. A great advantage to the taco Fiesta Platter is that it is ready to order online and pick up almost instantly. Select any of the Tacos Gavilan locations to order online, and pickup a full taco buffet with all the fixings in as soon as one hour. For larger gatherings, more than 40 guests, call and speak to a location manager at the Tacos Gavilan nearest to you for a customized quote, and pickup the Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter for large parties. 

Television parades and games are a big part of Thanksgiving pre-turkey day dinners. The Tacos Gavilan Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter can keep your guests munching without them disturbing the cook or kitchen. Set out a buffet style taco station for pre-football, during the game or post-game that fulfills nibbling needs nutritiously. 

Complete with meats, tortillas, veggies, salsas and aguas frescas, the Tacos Gavilan Thanksgiving Fiesta Platter is the perfect Thanksgiving Thursday Pre-Game or Post Game choice to keep guests satisfied and out of the kitchen. Another advantage of the complete takeout taco Fiesta Platter is that cleanup is a snap, so it won’t add extra work to the already busy Thanksgiving Day hosting. 

Thanksgiving Friday

Thanksgiving Friday, also known as Black Friday is one of the busiest days for take-out pizza of the year. This year don’t make that call to the already overburdened pizzeria on Thanksgiving Friday, instead order the Tacos Gavilan Fiesta Platter. Head to our Order Online page to choose one of Tacos Gavilan’s 14 locations throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area, and pick up a complete feast in about an hour for 15-40 people. 

The family style presentation allows guests to customize their tacos to tastes with authentic, freshly prepared ingredients as found in Mexican homes. Don’t wait hours for an undercooked, or overcooked Thanksgiving Friday pizza, order a freshly prepared Mexican buffet in about an hour at Tacos Gavilan. 

Thanksgiving Saturday

If Thanksgiving Friday is leftover day and Thanksgiving Saturday is eating out night, no problem, Tacos Gavilan serves the Fiesta Platter every day. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is known as Small Business Saturday. Did you know that Tacos Gavilan is a family owned business for close to 30 years? Since opening our first taco cart on the corner of Gage and Main Street in Los Angeles in 1992, and growing into our first restaurant in 1996, our family has been hands on in every aspect of the business from day one. Celebrate during this Small Business Saturday with 15-40 guests. The Tacos Gavilan Fiesta Platter is an everyday offering at the eatery that brings the authentic tastes of Mexico to homes throughout the Los Angeles area. 

Tacos for Thanksgiving is a YES

So when the question is asked, “Tacos for Thanksgiving?,” the answer is a resounding YES. The Tacos Gavilan Fiesta Platter is a home cooked family style meal throughout the Thanksgiving week that celebrates food, culture, authenticity, family and love.