Mexico Celebrates with a Taquiza

Taquiza, also known as a taco party, is a highlight of gatherings, celebrations, holidays, and family in the Mexican tradition. As Mexican migrants have relocated to countries around the world, they have brought with them an integral part of Mexico to others– food. Although every family meal is important to the heart and soul of the Mexican people, holidays, special events, and even mournful gatherings are occasions that warrant traditional foods and presentations.

As Mexicans have integrated themselves into cultures throughout the world, others embrace and celebrate the significant holidays of Mexico and its celebratory foods. Cinco de Mayo, on May 5th, has been raised to the level of international status.

To illustrate, Cinco de Mayo is now a major event throughout the world, with places such as Europe, the USA, Central and South America celebrating Mexican Independence. Fueled by corporate advertising to sell “Mexican” products, Cinco de Mayo now surpasses some of the indigenous holidays in other countries. Although locally Mexican owned restaurants, cafes, and bistros don’t have the ad budgets of international liquor and beer distributors, they reap a benefit from the Cinco de Mayo ads as people seek out Mexican food.

Los Angeles, once a part of Mexico, and now home to one of the largest Mexican populations, is a haven for authentic Mexican food.

The Taquiza, a Mexican Food Tradition is Reborn in L.A.

The popularity of Mexican food, which is delicious, fast, nourishing, and affordable, has become the purveyor of fast-casual food chains.

Tacos Gavilan, established in 1992 is a traditional Mexican Taqueria, serving quickly prepared, fresh food with a foundation in old-world culture and recipes. The Tacos Gavilan daily menu features the best of Mexican family staples that include: Los Tacos, La Quesadilla, El Burrito, Los Sopes, La Torta, El Plato, Las Mulitas and other down-home traditional Mexican foods and drinks. All food is freshly prepared and served quickly based on family recipes with the tradition of hospitality.

Like every Mexican home, tradition includes variety. Tacos Gavilan does not expect everyone to eat the same meat every day. We offer traditional Mexican meats including:

  • ASADA – Beef
  • AL PASTOR – Marinated Pork
  • POLLO – Chicken 
  • CABEZA – Beef Head
  • LENGUA – Beef Tongue
  • SALCHICHA – Sausages
  • CARNITAS – Fried Pork
  • BUCHE – Hog Maws
  • CHORIZO – Mexican Sausage

Furthermore, setting Tacos Gavilan apart from other multi-location Mexican restaurants is an understanding of and ability to cater to the Mexican traditions of celebrations with food. Whether celebrating with family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, teammates or any group, Tacos Gavilan can cater Fiesta Platters in the Mexican tradition of Taquiza for 15 to 40 people for under $300, ready to pick up within the hour. For more than 40 guests, contact a Tacos Gavilan location manager to arrange quick, fresh Fiesta Platter catering at a low price.

Only the growing locations of Tacos Gavilan, currently with 14 establishments throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area can cater a fresh Taquiza Fiesta Platter like the local taquerias in Mexico.

The Taquiza Fiesta Platter of Life

Life happens fast. In Mexico on any given day, a group of friends, family members, neighbours, co-workers, even rivals decide to share a meal. Rather than leaving the chore of preparation to Madre or Abuela, a local Taqueria is called to prepare a Taquiza.

In the Mexican tradition of sharing a meal with others for celebratory occasions as well as none at all, a Taquiza is ordered. Usually set up on long tables with colourful coverings, this traditional shared meal includes all the fixings for taco creations. Featuring fresh tortillas, bowls of spices, avocados, crème fresh, queso fresco, bowls of cooked shredded chicken, pork, or beef, the Taquiza is a serve-yourself buffet for an impromptu or planned shared meal. It is washed down with a freshly prepared juice or a flavoured water drink, Aguas Frescas.

Throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, the 14 locations of Tacos Gavilan offer the Fiesta Platter in the tradition of a Taquiza. Serving from 15 to 40 people within an hour, the Fiesta Platter is a buffet-style Mexican feast with all the ingredients and fixings to build your own tacos at home. It even includes a traditional Mexican beverage.

Now even if a birthday is forgotten, it can be celebrated Mexican style with a Fiesta Platter from Tacos Gavilan. The Fiesta Platter is perfect for family reunions, anniversaries, celebrating a sports team, or just getting to know the neighbours. Mexico celebrates with food, so can you! Order your Fiesta Platter online by clicking here or at any of the Tacos Gavilan locations.