Discovering The Best Tacos In Los Angeles

How Tacos Gavilan Brought Back The Best Tacos In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for many things culturally, from Hollywood, music and art, to its overall diversity. Among its most popular ways to experience Los Angeles is the city’s world-renowned Mexican cuisine. You can’t visit LA without paying a visit to local taquerias that specialize in authentic Mexican tacos, otherwise only found in Mexico itself. So if you’re on the hunt for the best tacos in Los Angeles, we’re here to guide you.

A must-go spot for Angelinos is the popular fast-casual taco joint, Tacos Gavilan. They offer traditional Mexican street tacos, served on corn tortillas and stuffed with meat. Tacos Gavilan captivates the essence of authentic homestyle Hispanic cooking and is regarded by long-time locals as the best tacos in Los Angeles. So next time you’re in town, make sure to wear comfortable shoes because this spot is worth running to get your fix of authentic Mexican tacos at a Tacos Gavilan location near you.  

Humble Beginnings 

Tacos Gavilan started in 1992 in the city of Los Angeles, opening its first restaurant on the corner of Gage & Main, and revolutionized the street taco in Los Angeles. A recipe from their own grandfather, Tacos Gavilan offers a unique carne asada seasoning, and is today considered to house some of the best tacos in Los Angeles. Tacos Gavilan quickly became the topic of discussion amongst food enthusiasts around Los Angeles until eventually, thanks to a loyal following, they opened 15 locations across SoCal.  

Throughout the years, Tacos Gavilan has expanded its menu to include more Mexican cuisine, such as sopes, tortas, mulitas, and more. However, their most popular dish is their original carne asada. There’s a good reason their meat is so beloved and their tacos are regarded as the best tacos in Los Angeles. The meat has no preservatives, is prepared in-house with seasonings and spices with no artificial flavors. All meals are freshly made to order and never frozen. Tacos Gavilan believes that the small details make the biggest difference for customers, that’s why no detours are taken in making the perfect taco that has the quality you can taste. 

An Authentic Mexican Restaurant Experience

I had the pleasure of visiting  the Tacos Gavilan Santa Ana location, found on a busy street in Los Angeles. Among the traffic and people, Tacos Gavilan can be seen from far away, spanning the block as you’re driving on 17th street. As soon as you enter, you are greeted by the aroma of delicious food and the sound of classic Mexican songs (songs I grew up on as a child). I saw a line of cooks that showed passion in their job which made me know I was in for a treat.

The restaurant features a modern feel with authentic Mexican cooking that reminded me of home.  From growing up in a Mexican household, I’m always curious about how others prepare similar recipes I’ve loved as a child. I ordered three of their famous carne asada tacos, afterall, they’re considered some of the best tacos in Los Angeles. As I took my first bite the carne asada was bursting with flavor with just the right amount of caramelization. It perfectly complemented the freshly cooked corn tortillas. The fresh red salsa, prepared daily at their in-store salsa bar, had just the perfect amount of spice and did not disappoint this very particular critic – me.  While eating, I couldn’t help but be consumed by a nostalgic feeling of home, and all of sudden I’m a kid again eating my mom’s home-cooked meal. 

Happy family visiting the best tacos in Los Angeles.
Ready to eat the best carne asada tacos in LA.

The Takeaway

From humble beginnings to expanding to a fast-growing Mexican food chain that has Los Angeles food critics talking, you can bet that Tacos Gavilan is here for the long haul. There seems to be no shortage in demand for the best tacos in Los Angeles, and if you’re looking for a genuine Mexican cuisine experience, it’s only one order away. Serving communities in Los Angeles since 1992, Tacos Gavilan is open for dine-in, takeout, delivery, and drive-through at select locations.  Order Online today for 15% OFF $15 or more when you pick up with code: LASUMMER through Labor Day. Continue to follow the Velasquez story by following Tacos Gavilan on Instagram @tacosgavilan and Facebook @tacoselgavilan.