The Best Champurrado Near Me

During a chilly night, peak coziness might look like sitting on the couch, playing board games with family or friends with a warm drink in your hand. Although there are many tantalizing drink options out there, champurrado is not one to skip out on. To those who are unfamiliar with it, champurrado is a traditional Mexican drink that has been around for centuries and was previously thought to give drinkers strength through magic. It is a slightly more complex hot chocolate compared to others you have probably tried but it still maintains its accessibility through its easy to find variety of tasty ingredients. This warm and slightly thick beverage typically has a blend of Mexican chocolate, corn flour, piloncillo, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla but some of these ingredients can be switched out based on your preferences.

Now, you may be wondering, “Where can I buy the best champurrado near me so I can try it out?” Well, look no further. With over fourteen locations in Southern California, Tacos Gavilan has built an impressive reputation of some of the best Mexican food and drinks, champurrado included.

Amazing Food, Amazing Beverages

These days, Tacos Gavilan has the best champurrado near me, and that may be the case for you as well! This fast-casual Mexican food establishment boasts a wide variety of tasty choices. Not only do we serve tacos, quesadillas, burritos, sopes, mulitas, tortas, and platos with different types of meat options, we have a good amount of sides to choose from as well! The arroz, queso, frijoles, crema, and aguacate pair wonderfully with the main meat dishes. However, you can not forget that oftentimes, the perfect drink sets the bar even higher when it comes to a satisfying meal.

That is where the champurrado from Tacos Gavilan comes in. Whether it is to give you energy and lift up your spirits while working in chilly weather or during the holidays to keep you warm, champurrado could be your saving grace. Having that cup of Mexican hot chocolate at hand while eating tacos with other people you care about could completely transform your food experience. And with our hours open late into the night, looking up “champurrado near me” and purchasing this simple treat from your closest Tacos Gavilan is a no brainer.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Are you not in the mood for tacos but still want to enjoy champurrado? No problem! Based on online Yelp reviews, quite a few customers have mentioned how they go to Tacos Gavilan solely for their champurrado. One Tacos Gavilan fan said there are times where she drives over to Tacos Gavilan in her pajamas, orders just the champurrado through the drive through, and heads straight back home! That is some dedication and devotion right there.

It is not just that customer though. With people experiencing work-from-home fatigue and/or cabin fever, now more than ever, it is such a treat to go out and pick something up from a great food establishment to indulge in.

So, next time you want to search for, “champurrado near me,” locate your nearest Tacos Gavilan and give ours a try! You might be interested in the plethora of great Mexican food choices we have to offer. So whether you drink it during breakfast and dip churros in it, pair it with tacos from Tacos Gavilan, or have it on its own during a cool evening as a casual pick-me-up, champurrado’s chocolate aroma and creamy flavor will endear you and anyone else that tries it!

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